Transportal II

DESCRIPTION: After experimenting with the various strangenesses of raytracing, i created this scene, featuring the already known Panoptes AI, in all it’s glory. Combining “physical” » more


DESCRIPTION: Four Mining-transporters, hauling a major Chunk of unspecified ore. Terragen 4 once again shines with the ability to produce extremely real-looking clouds, and a » more


DESCRIPTION: Secluded, isolated, inhuman… yes, it’s the administration of finances. Tools used: Model made with Autodesk 3DSMax Rendering made with Planetside Terragen Coloring in Adobe » more


The Interdimensional Transportal Network by Night. Here I combined 3D-fractals made with the aweseome (and free!) Mandelbulb3D with a Terragen-rendered Night Scene. The Highlights and » more

IMPACT Security Group

DESCRIPTION: One of the keyvisuals of a new branding campain for the freshly renamed IMPACT Security Group. (Former “Deadly Reapers inc.”). We agreed on a » more