Transportal II

DESCRIPTION: After experimenting with the various strangenesses of raytracing, i created this scene, featuring the already known Panoptes AI, in all it’s glory. Combining “physical” » more


DESCRIPTION: Four Mining-transporters, hauling a major Chunk of unspecified ore. Terragen 4 once again shines with the ability to produce extremely real-looking clouds, and a » more


Forsaken   DESCRIPTION: An Animation I did, using the ship-crash animation I did for the “PROSPECTOR” Short-Movie. I made a scene in Terragen, consisting of » more


DESCRIPTION: Secluded, isolated, inhuman… yes, it’s the administration of finances. Tools used: Model made with Autodesk 3DSMax Rendering made with Planetside Terragen Coloring in Adobe » more


The Interdimensional Transportal Network by Night. Here I combined 3D-fractals made with the aweseome (and free!) Mandelbulb3D with a Terragen-rendered Night Scene. The Highlights and » more

IMPACT Security Group

DESCRIPTION: One of the keyvisuals of a new branding campain for the freshly renamed IMPACT Security Group. (Former “Deadly Reapers inc.”). We agreed on a » more


Laserwasps - Friend or foe? A short trailer we did for a german documentary about the blessing/plague ambivalence of laserwasps. What we need them for, now that they fullfilled their purpose, and what does their wide scale deployment meant and still mean for everyday life in germany?